Winter in March

According to the dates on the calendar, spring arrives sometime this week.

According to Mother Nature, winter isn’t done with us yet.


Driving through the country roads, I gazed out the window.


On the one hand, I wanted to stop the car and take a few snapshots of the wintry landscape, with the freshly fallen snow on the leaves and branches, making stenciled patterns on the ground.


On the one hand, I just wanted to get home, take off the wet shoes and thaw out my frozen toes.  But we were far from home yet.

There were times when it seemed that we were the only ones out on the road, nobody else out in this weather.


All the sane people were inside their warm house, sitting in front of their fireplace – I saw smoke coming out of a chimney in one house, so yes, I know they were sitting by the fireplace!

And we knew that we were really deep in the country when we came upon a one-lane bridge.  No, the boys had not seen something like this before.


The frozen ice didn’t seem to bother these sheep – I suppose they were warm enough underneath all that wooly coat!


We crossed the Delaware River – not much to see there, except more frozen mist and ice.  And no, I didn’t know where we were, after all that driving.  We were just following the GPS directions!




It was a nice drive, anyway … frozen, but nice.



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