The Boys’ New Toy

Meet the new member of the family.


On the way to the soccer game, Justin said that we should pass by the animal shelter on the way back for Watson.  (That’s the name they had named their next dog).  And so after the game, Charles stopped by the animal shelter.  Just to have a look at what they have.  Just to see.


Five hours later, there was a dog in the back seat with Justin.  Five hours it took to process the adoption papers.  They were busy that day, the boys were told, there was a line of people outside the door when they came in to open up the doors this morning.  [Note to all:  if  you’re going to an animal shelter to adopt, don’t go on the weekend.  Apparently that’s when everybody else goes too].  I didn’t get out of the car … they said they were going to be there for a short while only!

Since then, she’s been treated like a little princess.  Well, okay, she’s only six weeks old.  She is still a baby.  Eat, potty train, sleep, eat, potty train, sleep … And she doesn’t like to be alone.  She wants to be with everybody else.

So they sat her on the pouf to watch tv.


And when she got tired, she made herself comfortable on top of the pile of blankets.  She was comfy, said the boys, sleeping on top of those handmade blankets.

*sigh*   One more thing to see about …

Oh, they haven’t named her yet.  They can’t call her ‘Watson’, they said.  ‘Watson’ is for a boy, not a girl.  They’ve been throwing around names all weekend … Miz Jackson, Miz Daisy, Dorie, Sydney, Juanita (huh?) … None of those appeal to me.  The boys are leaning towards Sydney.

Maybe they’ll decide soon … we can’t keep calling her ‘Dog’ or ‘Puppy’.   LoL!


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