Iris Orchid

My new colour palette and flower obsession for this visit.

iris flowerI call it the Iris Orchid, because the colours reminded me of the iris flower that I had taken a photo (at right) of some years back.  I do see some similarities to the orchid.  As usual, I didn’t look for the name plate that would identify this orchid. I’m getting bad at this, but then my focus wasn’t exactly on the scientific names of the orchids. I was just there to enjoy their beauty!

I wish there was an image search capability – for example, where I can show Google a picture and ask it to come up with the name?



    1. Ooohhh nice! go for it! I’m also planning on making something with those colours, but I’ll hold off until I get some more WIPs done. Then I can go yarn hunting for those colours! (ok, it’s just another excuse to buy yarn):)

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