Giving Back: To the Community

My latest project … giving back to the community.
I was really surprised … and not in a good way … that we suddenly have so many needy families in our town. It wasn’t like this before. Or maybe they were always there, and had always managed to get by before that we didn’t really know about them? In any case … winter items may be a small thing to give back, but I would have done my part in helping them along. At least I hope so …

NYC Hats for Hope Initiative

During the recent food drive period, our Church was collecting for 25 needy families in our town.

I looked at the church bulletin and re-read the paragraph again.

In previous years it was also a collection not only for the needy in our town, but also for a communal county food drive.  This time, it was just for the needy in our town.

Wow … So many needy families in our town?  I didn’t expect that.  Is our town really faring so bad these days because of the economy?


And so, to give back to the community, I am organizing a winter items collection for the 25 needy families in my town.    A hat and scarf set would be nice.  If not, then enough hats and scarves for the whole family.

50 hats and 50 scarves for adults
50 hats and 50 scarves for children

I hope you join…

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  1. I think your hat is very nice and I bet it will warm a cold head in the winter. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is much appreciated. Do you have a pattern for the hat? I was thinking I could post it as an idea of a hat that somebody could use when they donate. I am in the process of setting up the blog for Oregon’s Hats for Hope and free patterns is one of the pages I want to set up.

    Cathy the Bagg Lady

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