Summer Is Here !!

Happy First Day of Summer!



I’m so excited!  Can’t believe that the weather is actually warming up!  No rain!  And we’re getting temperatures higher than 75 degrees a few days at a time!




Here’s some flowers for you that I found, wandering around the hotel during our soccer tournament last weekend.  The boys were running around playing tag or man-hunt, or some such thing, and I wanted to keep an eye on them for a while.

So I took pictures of the flowers so that they wouldn’t notice me watching them.


Perfect cover, right?  None of them paid me any attention …


I think we’re off on another busy weekend trip.   Hopefully I’ll have some time to blog more .. I really should use this scheduling posts feature … or blog on the go …




In the meantime, enjoy the flowers, the hot sun, and the beginning of summer!


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