The Search for That Bag

So … as you may know, there is this never-ending search for the perfect handbag, the ‘this is it’ tote, the ‘carry everywhere, stylish’ satchel.  And it’s not just about being stylish for me; it has to be practical as well.  Ok, so that practical-business only started when I had children, and suddenly I had to bring an extra set of clothes, and their snacks and bottles and diapers, and toys ….

Well, my two boys are up and running on their own now, and yet, this larger-than-me bag obsession is still with me.  A friend asked me what kind of bag I was looking for, you know, like the style?  colour?  I replied that I’ll know it’s ‘the’ bag when I see it, and she laughed.  Because of course we all know that it means that I will just keep looking for that elusive bag.

Which leads me to … Epiphanie Bags.  I’ve been eyeing these bags for a while, which are essentially stylish camera bags.  Big enough to carry the camera and a lens or two, as well as keep it protected.  Enough room to add in a wallet, and all the other essentials that we have to walk with (whether we use them or not).  Several times I’ve been close to clicking on that button to order … and I wait, maybe next time.

Image courtesy of A Night Owl

And then, there’s this giveaway, by A Night Owl.   And I enter with high hopes that I’ll actually win a bag.  *sigh*  One can dream, right?  And I’m browsing the website again, trying to decide which of the bags would work best for me, if it’ll be too big, or too heavy …

So while I’m drooling over the bags again, head on over and see if you can win a bag too.




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