Catching Up on Reading

Relaxing on the beach means reading a good book.  Or any book.

I was already hooked when I read the synopsis of ‘A Discovery of Witches’ when it first came out two years ago or so. It’s about a search for a manuscript! Well, of course it had to be a good book, never mind what the plot was! But just like my piles of projects waiting to be finished, I had a shelf full of books waiting to be read, and so I refrained from buying the book when it first came out.

Knowing that I was going to be on the beach for a week, this time I didn’t hesitate to buy the book. And a bonus! The second book in the series was already out as well, so of course I had to buy that too, so I could continue with the story as soon as I finish the first book.


‘A book? an actual book?’, exclaimed hubby Charles. Well, yes, an actual book that I can hold, and turn the pages. If I brought the Kindle or the iPad to the beach to read, then I’d be worrying about the sand or drops of water getting on the screen, the iPad overheating or running out of battery … So yes, an actual book to the beach and if it falls on the sand or gets wet, then it’s no big deal.

And you know what? The book did get wet, from the water leaking from the cooler, shortly after the picture above was taken!  Can you tell from the picture below that it’s been wet and beat up a little?  I was a little annoyed.  I like to keep my books as new as possible, but on the other hand I also like to it to look like it’s been well read and enjoyed.  I know, it’s weird.  Anyway, I just laid it out to dry in the wind and the sun. Now, can you do that with an electronic reader? ha!


And you know why else I knew this was going to be a good book?  The main character’s parents had traveled to Africa (which always delights me), but more than that, they had travelled to Nigeria, where I grew up!  and they even mention Hausa, one of the main languages!  Wow!  That’s a first for me, usually Africa travel is to the more common safari countries such as Kenya, South Africa, etc.  Not much is said about that Nigeria trip however, and the happenings there were not so good.  Maybe the second book will have more details about Nigeria.

Ok, enough writing … going back to my reading …

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