King Ribs

Time to get something to eat … so we head down to another of our must-visit places each time we’re here.

King Ribs.  They’re open only on weekends … so we make sure to reserve a Saturday or a Sunday to make it to this home business eatery.

There are no tables to seat yourself – I think this is a private house turned into a weekend food business.  You either drop by, order your food, then wait for it, like we do.  Or you call in for a pick-up.

The chef grills the meats just outside the front door of the house.  Yes, those are our ribs on the grill.


Over to one side of the house, the take-out platters are prepared from the make-shift tables.

We were so eager to eat, that I forgot to take a picture of the completed platters.  They give generous portions – along with the meat, the platter comes with rice, plantain, salad.


Make sure to drop by King Ribs when you’re in Aruba.  It really is worth it.


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