This and That in Aruba

This was mostly a relax and vegetate vacation.  Other than the jet-skis and the solo drives in the desert, a drive down to Baby Beach, or to the supermarket,  we pretty much spent our time between the beach and the pool.  We did go out for dinner once – to Senor Frog’s, a restaurant-bar targeted to the college-age crowd – and only because Justin had to go there because big brother went the last time.  Gasp!  I  hope this doesn’t become a big spring-break destination, like the other locations!  We like uneventful and relaxing vacations.

Here are some sights that you might see when you are there:

stained glass
Stained glass window on hotel wall

The divi-divi trees point the way home …

Boat crossing …


At Baby Beach at one end of the island, Big Mama’s Grill and Bar is new, with a Flintstones theme.  Look at those humongous furniture!  And to complete the look, their servers were dressed like Fred and Barney – not Wilma or Betty! lol

The California Lighthouse at the other end of the island … birds out on the desert … kite-surfing where the waters are rougher … Justin says he’ll try that next year …

Souvenirs and trinkets …

There was only one new hotel being built – they must have gotten that approval in just before the moratarium on new constructions several years ago.  Maybe the next time we’re there it’ll be completed, and there’ll be something new to see.

But for the most part, the rest of the island away from the high-rise hotel has pretty much stayed the same … And that’s how we like it.



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