The Palm Tree

Driving back to the hotel, I looked out the window while at a traffic light, and my eyes found this palm tree, silhouetted against the late afternoon sun.

palm tree


Nothing special … I just liked the look of the almost symmetrical pattern of the leaves and branches!  Plus, I needed to start up my 365-project theme again.  There must be other trees that I’ve taken photos of, but not posted about.  Anyway …

Such delight in a simple thing as a tree on the road.





  1. your photos look a little different, they used to be crystal clear and very real looking… what have changed??? this one is nice but it doesn’t have the picture perfect quality…i hope I am not going too far with my analysis 🙂

    1. LoL the cameras changed! This photo was taken with the camera phone, just a quick shot before we started moving again. And I was carrying around a point-and-shoot waterproof camera with me the other times, not the DSLR. I didn’t take many photos with the DSLR this time around.

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