Going Round and Round …

I’m sure if you were to have a look at my brain waves at the moment, it would look like this …


That’s partially the reason why I haven’t been posting recently.  The other reason is that I’m still cold – yes, it’s April and it’s spring, but there’s still cold wind blowing, and my brain seems not to have thawed out yet …

It’s the last week before the travel to Dallas for the Dallas Cup – a prestigious international youth tournament.  Somehow, we were ‘volunteered’ to make the arrangements for the trip, and even though we knew that this was coming up, as it often happens, it has suddenly sneaked up on us and we only have five days to get everything together!  Well, as Hubby says, why am I stressing myself out over this.  We’re done with our part – it’s the others who haven’t gotten their act together yet, so let them worry about their part.  All well and good, but they keep calling me, not him !!  It doesn’t count that he’s out of town, so they’re not calling him.  They can still contact him by email, right?  lol

I’ve got my to-do list to work on, and which I haven’t started on.  I’ll get on that tonight … after I decide what crochet projects and yarn I’m going to take with me!  ha!

That should settle me down, right?




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