Filigreed Leaves

Out last weekend on the soccer fields, walking through the fields, I noticed these on the ground.


Were these leaves left over from last winter?  Or were they a precursor to the coming winter?

I looked around, and there were more  …


I was immediately obsessed with the patterns and designs on the leaves … delicately carved, it seemed.  I already had the telephoto lens on ready for the games, and I didn’t want to change lens out there.  I tried to take close-up photos, but it couldn’t get as close as I wanted to.

Just like fingerprints, no two leaf patterns were the same.  I wanted to take a picture of each leaf to study its patterns.  Of course, that would not be possible … but for a moment, I thought about it …

Like a sharp pointed tool, with the leaf retaining its outline and the veins showing, delicate and lacy patterns were cut out …


Isn’t Mother Nature a great artist?

What do you think about this?

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