Harry Potter and the Wizarding World

I wasn’t planning on getting on any rides at Universal Studios, but the boys told me that’s where Harry Potter and the dragons were, and that I had to go with them.  And so we went to visit Harry.

My older son grew up with the books.  He was the same age as Harry when the books started, and he eagerly followed the adventures.  I had to make sure to pre-order the books as they came out, so that they would be delivered to our doorstep the first day it was released.  That was the only series of books that he has read, up to now.  The younger one has not taken to enjoying the reading as much.  I think the movies spoiled it for him a little.

Here’s my impressions of the Harry Potter world.

This is definitely my favourite – it is seriously impressive and imposing as you walk in to Diagon Alley.  You zig-zag through walls from the outside, and as you turn the corner, there it is.


The dragon – huge, imposing, glaring down at you.  And it also breathes fire!  Definitely the best prop out there.

Of course, we had to go to Platform 9 3/4 and take the train ride.  I found the platform better than the train ride – that could have been better, I think.

And of course, there was butter beer – no, it was’t alcoholic, or maybe there was a little bit of it, I don’t know – we were too hot and thirsty from standing in line to get on the ride, we just drank it up.  It was more like a shake.  And other items found in the wizarding world.  hmmm … I didn’t get any pictures or souvenirs of that big white owl of his … or the hats and the wands and the cloaks …

This, however, I had to get … yes, I do solemnly swear  …





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