Skyscraper Field Doodles

Hello all!  It’s been a while … I’m still whirling about.

I have daily meetings at 2 pm … after I’ve had lunch … for a project in which I’m only partially involved … I need to stay awake and alert … so I resort to my doodles.  hey!  at least it looks like I’m taking notes, right?

And it looks a whole lot better than those who sit there fiddling with their phones and swiping, and poking, and sliding … right?

So – my first set of doodles  – skyscrapers and fields come to mind.


I think it means that my brain is still trying to find structure in my daily activities … I’m still jumping from one thing to another, and feeling that something is left half-done, half-finished, not enough, maybe forgotten … *sigh*

IMG_1160-0Taking it one day at a time … one problem at a time …

What do you think about this?

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