100 Mandalas Challenge

I came across this 100 Mandalas Challenge, from CollegeDiva.com, while browsing through Inkeeart‘s blog after she visited my craft and crochet blog.  So I joined … to add on to the list of things to do.

Image from CollegeDiva.com
Image from CollegeDiva.com

But I figured that I doodle while in meetings or anywhere I’m stuck, anyway, so why not draw a mandala instead?  Can’t wait to start … Hopefully you’ll see something posted soon …


    1. O.M.G. I just had a look at the page and all the other postings on it … I really need to keep doing this, instead of setting it aside and picking it up again. I also see some of my doodle elements in some of the others. *sigh* and I need to get a bigger sketchbook …
      Thank you for the recommendation!

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