My Quiet Corner

We went to Bear Mountain State Park last weekend – the boys to hike the trails and for me to admire the fall foliage.  I didn’t realize that Oktoberfest was going on, and it took us over an hour to get in.  By that time, the sun was lower, behind the mountains, and not much sunlight was on our side.

A little disappointed at missing the sunlight, I started to walk.  I was surprised that there was still a lot of green in the trees – I thought that it was peak colors by now.  I took some photos, but was not really happy with it – there was still too much green, and even though I played with all the settings, it was still coming out darker than I wanted.  I continued walking, and round the bend … and felt at peace as soon as I saw this.


Have you ever felt that?  That moment when everything in you just quieted down in an instant when your eyes set upon something?  Even as I looked around, my eyes just came back to this.  And each time I looked at this, I just stared, as my whole being just focused on this scene, and peace settled on me.

A connection with nature.  Whatever it was that connected with me, it was much needed.  Peace.


What do you think about this?

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