Each week, the Ornate Creation (on FB) comes up with a template which you can download, and work on. I’ve downloaded and printed some of the previous templates, but haven’t really worked on them.  This week’s template, the dove, came out earlier today.  In a lull in the office, I started to work on it – which is bad, because once I get started on this, I don’t want to stop.  oh dear … I think the printer is running out toner – what are those lines on the top??  Good thing these are practice doodles …


Looks a little sloppy to me, but I know that if I sat there and thought about it too much, I might not get started.  So, I’m using these doodle exercises to just let go and draw, without having to think too much of what to do and where the lines should go.  I think I’m also still missing the point of these ornate creating – and what is this zentangling that I’m reading about from others?

Oh well … I’m just going to keep doodling.  I know that I’m going to run out of hours in the day soon, and something will come up that I will have to pay full attention to …  But in the meantime, I’m having fun with these.


What do you think about this?

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