For the Birds

I’m on a bird roll …

This is the progress on the dove.  Not sure whether to add more to the tails and the wings, so I’m going to sit and stare at it for a bit.


In the meantime, there was something about the graceful curve of the feathers and wings that I wanted to fill in, so I started on the hummingbird too … And as I was working on the wings, another idea came to mind as I finished it … maybe I’ll use that for the other set of wings.  It doesn’t have to be the same design on both sides, right? hmmm … the OCD in me says that it has to be the same design on both sides … we’ll see …


… and the eagle.  I’ve already messed up on the bottom part, but I really like the neck part, so I don’t know if I should just start all over again, or just work the bottom part into the overall design.


A tad obsessed, do you think?  I’ve got the other templates printed and lined up …



    1. Thanks so much, and welcome to the world of zentangling! My zentangles are still the same doodles that I do, and I haven’t started working on all those different patterns for which there is a name now. I am sure you’re doing well with your tangles; there’s really no fixed set of tangles; in my case, it’s whatever my brain and fingers decide to draw at that moment. But knowing other tangle designs helps too!

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