Black on White on Black

I had an inspiration last week, while looking for more drawing pens at Michaels (arts and crafts store).

I saw black drawing paper … ideas came to mind … so I picked it up and went looking for white ink pens.  I found them over at the scrapbooks section, and bought two different types/brands.  One was a Manger opaque white, and the other the Sakura Gelli pen.  Here’s what I came up with:


I started to fill in the spaces with the white, but didn’t like the effect.  I’m leaving this as it is – I’ll probably do another version later.  It’s harder to cover up mistakes with white pens, I find.  It doesn’t translate to the same shading effect as when I am using black ink.

Also, I didn’t like working with the opaque white pens – as you can see, blobs of ink would come out, or else there was no ink coming out, and then I would have to retrace the lines.  The Sakura Gelli pen works so much better for me.  I’ll have to look for more of those … do they come in different point sizes?  hmmm …


What do you think about this?

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