Porcupine Puffer Fish Still Rules !

The WP annual reports came out earlier this month, and this little blue-eyed fellow was the most popular post again.  That’s two years in a row!

Another favourite, the ‘Money Tree‘ was also in the top five most-viewed posts for the second time.

By the way, I used this same idea for a fund-raising tricky tray for the soccer club – it was a semi-hit.  The boys could only see the one-dollar bills on the tree, even though I told them there were other denominations on the tree.  Next time they’ll know!

A surprise post – my diamond strip afghan – was the most viewed in a single day.  I still haven’t found where on the internet world it was posted, that brought the visitors to the blog. But thank you again to whoever that was.

diamond strips

Visitors came from 122 countries, most from the USA, with UK and Canada close behind.  Let’s see … from far away as New Zealand and as far north as Iceland.  So I got visitors from each continent!  Great!

I posted about half of what I did in the previous year and uploaded only a third of the number of photos from the previous year.  I could have told them that.  Last year definitely sped by me.  I’m going to try and slow down this year – meditate a little more, go out and enjoy nature more so I can get back to taking photos of my favourite models – the flowers!

See you more in 2015 !

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