Porcupine Puffer Fish

Here’s my new friend – the Porcupine Puffer fish.

When I saw him, his face looked interesting; it reminded me of the moustache joe from another fish trip.   Plus look at those blue eyes!

Then I saw the quills on his body, and was then totally fascinated with him.

I read the fish names on the tank, and of course it was the porcupine puffer fish.  And so I tracked him swimming back and forth, and put my finger up to the glass, asking it to puff up for me.  A worker saw me, and asked if I wanted to make it puff up for pictures.  She said that the only time he’ll puff up is if he feels threatened, and if you hold him.  And she volunteered to put her hand in to hold him, so that he’ll puff up.

What??  Well, apparently, they’re not poisonous, and the quills don’t sting.  It’s all appearances … puff up the quills to discourage would-be predators who want to eat them.  And so, she put her hand in the tank, and chased him around …. Poof!!  This is what he looked like then.

Yes, he is scary looking.  And those quills does discourage eating him, doesn’t it?

We left him alone then, and he swam around and calmed down.  This is what he looked like calmed down … well, almost.  He’s still got the quills and spikes up on his head.

And he wouldn’t come to the front of the tank again.  He probably thought I was going to try something else to him again ….



  1. I love puffer fish. Years ago, in the 80s, I sold hand-painted t-shirts all over California, and I painted all sorts of sea fish on them. So I learned about all sorts of fish. The puffer is one of my favorites!

    Thanks for “liking” my blog! (karendibee.wordpress.com) I appreciated it! I’m just about to go look at your “Colouring with Yarn” section. Can’t wait!

  2. Totally cool! Now I’m wracking my brain trying to remember in which of the movies my siblings loved there was a puffer fish that they thought was hilarious?…

      1. I remembered last night. It was “Shark Tales”. 😉 There’s one in Finding Nemo too, though, huh? I wonder why they didn’t remember that one…

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