Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

As I inched along in traffic this morning, I saw this and immediately thought of the photo challenge.

Broken.  Twisted.  Abandoned.

I quickly grabbed my phone and took a quick snapshot before the cars behind me started honking. Impatient drivers, but I don’t know how much farther they can get, since we were stuck in traffic, anyway.  But I digress …

Seeing the wheel rim there set me to thinking, as I continued to inch along.  How did it get there?  It was under the underpass on the highway, away from the ‘sidewalk’ side of the road where people have access to, where one would expect it to be left and forgotten.  Did it fall from the road above the underpass, and the owner then left it since they couldn’t get down to the highway to retrieve it?  I see some cables beside it – did that belong to the wheel’s owner too?  Was there an accident on the highway and these were the items left behind?

No answers to the questions.  And that’s where it will remain … Broken.

What do you think about this?

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