Woman … Mother … Wife …

I saw this propped up by the stairs, alongside the masks and other wooden carvings.

Right away I knew that this embodied the life of a woman … a mother … a wife … a daughter …

Not just here in Goma, DRC or in Africa, but globally.  In most cultures, it is the woman’s job to take care of the household … carry and care for the children … find a way to feed the household … sustain and nourish all others.  The man?  Well, the man is the one who works outside of the house, doing whatever he’s doing, sitting at a desk in his suit and tie, allowed to meet and greet strangers.

So this is Woman … Mother … Wife …  carrying her child with her, even as she walks to the market with a basketfull of goods to sell  … even as it seems that she is pregnant with another child … and carrying a waterbottle to sustain and nourish her along the way …  Woman.

What do you think about this?

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