Baked Bread 

After a week in Kinshasa, we moved on to Goma for the rest of the trip.

Knowing that there were going to be long days and nights of work for the coming weeks, we went to the Lake Kivu Serena Hotel in Gisenyi, Rwanda, for their Sunday brunch.

As before, we walked across to the border, and then a 20-minute leisurely walk to the hotel.  We enjoyed brunch, a continental breakfast, including made to order omelettes,  crepes, local dishes such as mutoke, tilapia, and a variety of juices – try the tamarind juice  it was a nice blend of tangy and sweet – and a complimentary glass of champagne at the end!

The carved watermelon was what drew me to this table … and only realized later that the turtle and crocodile? were actually baked bread!  The boys wanted to know why they would make bread animals; they weren’t going to eat that, they said lol

Enjoying the view of Lake Kivu.  The cloud formations in this part of the world are still the best I’ve seen – all those puffs and balls of clouds!   

We let the showers pass by before we started our walk back to the border and DRC.  And of course I had to take photos of flowers …

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