Blizzard 2016

Well … the Blizzard of 2016 lived up to its name, and more.

We got 28 inches of snow by the time all was done, and apparently that’s a normal total for one winter.  But we got it all in one weekend … So … does that mean that we’re done with snow for the winter?  ha!  Keep on dreaming, I’m told.

I wasn’t feeling to go outside trampling in the snow this year.  Maybe the next snowstorm.  So I was just standing by the windows and the doors, taking pictures.


I would look out the back door once in a while to see how high the snow reached …

… and the front door …

… and out the window …

I gaped at the neighbours’ roof at the overhanging chunks? sheets? mass? of snow … and waited for it to break off and fall … as of this morning, they were still there.

And another rite of passage … passing on the mantle … Justin’s first solo run with the snowblower …


*sigh*  They grow too fast, don’t they?



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