Six and a half hours too long


I thought I had read the last book of the series, and when I was recommending the author and series to a friend, it came up that there were another two books!!

I thought this was part of the story, so I got it … only to find out that it’s more of a spin-off than a part of the story.  grrrr…. I am not enjoying it … it sounds like YA – ok, the heroine is a 14-almost-15 year-old girl, as she likes to remind everybody in the book – but no, not liking it at all.

It may or may not be relevant in series, when I pick it up with the next book.  I’m only finishing listening to it because I’m halfway through it, and just like a printed book, I feel that I have to finish reading it once started.

But right now, this is six hours and 26 minutes too long ….



What do you think about this?

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