Nostalgia … By the Pool

A couple of years ago, my brother unearthed a treasure trove of old slides from our early years in Nigeria.  Impatient to see what they showed and not having slide projectors on hand, he somehow improvised with what he had to see what memories they would hold.

This is my favourite photo, taken by my father.

My brother  and I, sitting on an inner tube, sitting by the pool.

This was in our early years in Nigeria, and no doubt we were still adjusting to suddenly living in a foreign country, and the way of life, and staring at everything … Although being kids, I’m sure we behaved exactly the same as we always did and didn’t think twice that we were on a different continent.

This was taken a half century ago.  But each time I look at the photo, it just makes me happy .. and nostalgic for the way we were.


What do you think about this?

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