Monet’s Garden

This past weekend, I made a quick trip to the New York Botanical Garden and its current exhibition,  Monet’s Garden.  They’ve recreated his gardens in Giverny, France, and showcase the water lillies that have inspired him and which are featured in numerous paintings.  There’s paintings and other Monet artifacts on display, as well as photographs of his garden as it exists now.

I only had enough time to visit the water lillies and the garden.  The paintings and other displays will be for another day.

This is the tropical water lilly ‘pond’, and many of the lillies featured are the same varieties that Monet grew in Giverny.

Except for a few near the edge, most of the lillies were out in the middle, and I couldn’t quite get as close as I wanted.  These are the closest I could get, without falling in 🙂


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