A Ride Through the Gardens

Our annual visit to the NYBG for the Orchid Show, which finished here about a week ago.


‘But, Mom!  It’s the same orchids every year!’, said Justin.

Well, true, but they have different arrangements and exhibits, I told him.  He didn’t mind going, and he only reminded me of the time about six times during our visit.

Since we were there early, we decided we would take a tram tour around the garden.

The magnolia trees were heavy with the flowers, the branches sagging down to the ground.  And I saw this darker shade of pink or fucshia? magnolias that I hadn’t seen before.  Too bad I couldn’t get closer.


A baby owl.  If it’s that big already, wonder what the full-grown size is going to be?



It was a nice day, and a nice ride.

I’m already making plans to go back in June, when the roses are out 🙂




  1. wow beautiful magnolias the owl is cute too, I know that great horned owls start to breed in jan or feb. talk about getting a jump start on everyone else, that really red magnolia makes me think itmight be a jane magnolia (a tree I have been thinking about getting to replace the dogwood some dummy destroyed before letting me know he had ot move it to do the work we needed done)I like the more redness in it then the saucer magnolia (or whatever it is really called) if you go back for the roses please post the pictures on here i would like to see them. thanks in advance.

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