November Flurries

We woke up to freezing cold weather … and flurries!

But it’s only November!!  Is this a preview what our winter would be like?  You can’t really see the flurries in the picture, they were really small ones, and didn’t stick, but they were there.

Meanwhile, the maple tree in the front yard is in full colour bloom.  When we first moved in, it was about three feet shorter, and changed colours beautifully during the fall season.




Then my hubby developed allergies to maple trees, and I told him to cut it down, so that he wouldn’t suffer so much in the spring.  Seriously, he’s gotten to the point that he needs steroid eye-drops or else wear a mask to avoid those pollens – and of course he doesn’t want to wear a mask, so he puts up with the suffering.  *sigh*   Thankfully, he doesn’t have the same allergies during the fall …

I’ll have to get out there and take more photos before all the leaves fall off ….





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