December is Here

These days are passing by in a whirl, marked by scribbles on the calendar on where we were and what we were doing …

We were having nice sunny skies, and somewhat warm temperatures …Here’s a tree that I spied as we were waiting for the traffic light to change.  I managed to get a shot in before the car started moving again.  I like the way the trunk curves, and the branches fan out.


A few days later, we were driving in fog and mist.  It was so low that it covered the tops of the buildings …


… and the top of the bridge structure.  That’s the bottom frame/structure that you see in the distance, as we take the ramp to get on the bridge.


And this is what it looked like today … the snow, ice, sleet was starting to come down, and you couldn’t see the bridge structure at all … 


Fog and mist seems to be our weather pattern this year … some weeks ago, we were in the middle of a sod farm that was covered in fog and mist, as the boys played their games … And many say that this is going to be a bad winter in the northeast this year … So maybe we’ll get a white Christmas this year?

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