Goma, DRC 

I was asked at the last minute by the office to travel, and after two days of indecision, rushed about making alternate arrangements and vaccinations and ticketing … And now here I am in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  It occurred to me that since wifi connectivity seems to be pretty good now, and since I’m up anyway in the middle of the night – at 1:30 am – because of jet lag, that I might as well post something. 

I’m in the town of Goma, just across the border of Rwanda. This is only our second full day here, after three days of traveling. Don’t think I’ve travelled so many legs before to get to a destination. I found it tiring more than usual – or is that because I’m older? I think it was also because I didn’t know what to expect or know the procedures that there was a bit of stress. But anyway … 

So far it’s been an overcast period here, no sunshine, and not that warm either. I think I packed the wrong set of wardrobe … 

This is Lake Kivu, just across from Rwanda. The border, they say, is only about a hundred meters or so from our hotel … 

And this is what’s on the menu … Frog  thighs, anyone?

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