Masks and Wooden Carvings

To me, Africa is always represented by masks.  The traditional handcarved wooden masks, that decorated the walls of the houses that we lived in were always there.  At that time, they were just decorations, and every house had to have one or two.  Actually, I have several around the house as well …

These days, I see them as something that identifies Africa.  An African house would be incomplete without them.  Although not overly fond of them, I find them interesting.

Somehow, through the years, I find that the features haven’t changed too much from when I was last in Nigeria.  I’m sure students and experts of African art will know the difference from one region to the next, and I do see differences but I’m not too particular about them.   I look at these with a different set of eyes now that I don’t live in Africa any more … not just as wall decorations, but what identifies Africa for me.

I was told that these masks were excavated or dug up from old villages.  Well, they certainly look old and dusty.  I can’t say with certainty though that these are genuine antique masks.

These are the more modern masks and wood carvings.  Refined and polished.    They don’t cost as much as the old, antique carvings.

Yes, some of these were inspirations for my doodling project, while I was here.

A bit scary, but dramatic …


Wooden carved crocodiles … Maybe I should have looked for a smaller version to take home with me …


Hmmm …. guess I never really left Africa, all those years ago … I’m still collecting African art …

What do you think about this?

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