My Masterpiece

After working every free minute and late into the last night in Goma so that I could finish this before I left DRC, this is the completed masterpiece.  Ta-dah!!

Of course, after I declared it finished, then I started getting other ideas of maybe I should have done it this way, or maybe should not have added another row of swirly lines around, and maybe the shading should have been more or less.  But, since I was leaving that same day, I had to let go of it.

Other than the swirly lines (I really should have a name for that pattern), I had the inspiration to include tribal and national patterns that I found all around.

Of course, the easiest were the masks.  Do you recognize the inspiration of these?

That last one with the spikes around was inspired by a similar one that I saw on the television.  I quickly took a snapshot, and then worked off that photo.

This was inspired by the walls that I saw all around the town of Goma.  Like masonry and a jigsaw puzzle, these patterns were all over the walls.

Perhaps that is what also caught the eye of South African Police Corporal on the plane, and why she asked for it.

I put the drawing in an envelope, and left instructions with the office to send it on to her.  I included a note with my email address, and asked her to write me when she got it, and what she was going to do with it.  I think I know what she would do with it (a cloth pattern for their tradition dress), but in case it’s something different, I’d like to see it.  So far, I have not gotten any emails from her, and I’m trying to find out from the Goma office if they can find out if the envelope was sent or not.  So if you find something looking like this out there on the internet, or in fashion, or in art galleries, or wall murals, or anywhere, let me know.  I’d like to know where my artwork ended up.

In the meantime, I’m trying to find time and inspiration to sort of replicate it on the other half of the newsprint, but nothing so far.  I sort of want to repeat the same patterns, but at the same time think that I should do something different.  Well, we’ll see where my drawing takes me …


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