Back in the Congo 

A crazy hectic November was followed by a trip back to Congo, DRC for work. I sit here in the hotel room trying to settle down and relax so I can get to sleep.  I’ve surfed through all the tv channels twice and twice over … Local stations, French tv, soccer matches, a channel that shows really old shows from the 80’s.  Maybe they like the 80’s, or maybe a new generation has discovered them. 

Anyway … I’ve picked up pen and paper to try to doodle myself to sleep… Ha! Right?  This will probably make me stay up late into the night as I think of  something else to try … 


Not quite what I wanted to do … I had folded the poster sheet in quarters and wanted to do something different on each quarter, to make a whole. Guess OCD kicked in and it had to follow the sequence instead.

Maybe the other half of the sheet will be different … We’ll see what happens tomorrow … 

What do you think about this?

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