Lone Bloom

The weather here has been so crazy, the flowers don’t know whether to come out or not.  After a mild, spring-like winter, we’re now having a cold, winter-like spring.  We didn’t quite get frost overnight, but it was close.


I went out into the garden this afternoon, and came upon this lone hydrangea.  The rest of the shrub still had the buds, waiting to open.  This one is close to full bloom.  I’ll be in California next week, so maybe when I get back all will be in full bloom.

Right now my head is in a tizzy and spinning from all the stuff that I have to do here before I leave, and what to pack, etc.   Read more … 


    1. Thanks. I’m in San Diego now and haven’t had time to sightsee plants … Other than those on the side of the freeways. I like how they have those beds of flowers on the side.

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