Q-tip Flowers

I call this the cotton buds or Q-tip flowers.   I searched for its real name on the internet, but it came up with DIY instructions on how to make a flower using q-tips.

Surrounding the tree were wildflowers …

… and a dandelion.






    1. oohh, just realized I didn’t see this before! Individually, these were small flowers, but grouped together, the cluster was about as big as your fist(?) I don’t remember if they had a nice smell.

      1. It’s Texas Privet. Small flowers in clusters. They are large bushes, but we have trimmed ours to be small trees by the patio. They are MESSY, MESSY, MESSY! The bees love them. Here they bloom from March to May. Sweep the patio daily. Lovely smell. 😎

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