Daffodil and Day-Lily Walk in the Bright Hot Sun

On the way to the conservatory for Monet’s water lilies, I walked through the Daffodil-Day Lily Walk.

I was short on time, and wanted to get to the water lilies right away.  I tried to hurry through, but I couldn’t resist all those beautiful daffodils and day-lilies swaying in the breeze.

I had to stop and take pictures.

On the way back to the train station, I stopped again and took some more pictures, all the while thinking that it was the last train back, and what would I do if I missed the train?  Never mind, just take the pictures, said the little voice.  The flowers won’t be here again, next time I make it back to the gardens.

And the bright, hot sun continued to blind me with the colours of the flowers as I took their pictures.

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