A Table of Flowers

At the Farmer’s Market over the weekend, I was met with a table full of potted flowers.  Of course I had to stop and take pictures!  Need you ask?


It was refreshing for my eyes to see splashes of colour everywhere.

‘You’re having fun, aren’t you?’, said one lady to me as she passed behind me while I contorted to get a better angle.

‘I bet you’re going to end up buying one of those pots’, said another.


And of course there’s always one flower that would catch my eyes and fascinate me.


This must be a type of daisy?  (I really should read those labels so I’ll know what I’m talking about!)  But look at those colours – red in front, light green in the back.  I didn’t want to disturb its pose, so I tried to zoom in from where I was standing.

I really need to work on my own garden and try to grow flowers and vegetables.  Perhaps we’ll try again this year.  Maybe I’ll have a green thumb this year …

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