Autumn Blues and Purples

It’s that colorful time of year again … autumn … fall … falling leaves … changing colors … the reds, yellows, oranges and browns …

The boys played on a cool and bright autumn day …


In between watching the game, I was also gazing around at the changing colors of the trees …


… across the river …


… beautiful blue skies …


… and a red ribbon of leaves winding itself around the tree …


Walking back to the parking lot, the sun peeks through …


… and I suddenly glimpse a different splash of color among the fall colors …


… blues and purples !

I suppose these will later turn into those red wild berries that I see on the trees at the side of the road … or maybe these are after the red berries have come out?

Either way, I now have new colors for my fall color palette … If it looks good in nature, it’s good enough for me.



What do you think about this?

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