More Doodling Ideas

Instead of doodling on the post-its – of which I’ve collected a few already – I thought I should doodle on the square ones instead.

But then I went to Michael’s (the crafts store) yesterday …. and came up with these instead.


Artist tiles!  and of course, pens to go with it.  Now that I have this, I’m a little hesitant to use these, because my doodles aren’t that fancy enough for this type of paper, and that maybe I should stick to post-its … Anyway …

These were also on sale – cardstock paper. IMG_9785 I’m thinking that I can doodle on this, and if anything comes up good enough for framing or gifting, then it’s on suitable paper already.  So those are my new toys.  Can’t wait to work with these now.

Although I think I’ll miss the post-it doodles – it was kind of fun to see what I can start and finish during the meetings.  It became an indication of how long the meeting was – if the doodle was half-finished or was more than finished, and I was just fiddling and tweaking with the lines and shadings. Working on the cardstock will force me to concentrate more on the doodle … which may not be a good thing in the meetings … hmmmm ….


What do you think about this?

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