Tile 1

My first doodle on the tiles … Now I have a new series to work on … lol … as if I didn’t have too many things going on already …

Anyway, I had an idea which didn’t quite work out again, and so had to improvise, resulting in this. By the way, I like working with this Sakura Gelly Roll pen. It glides smoothly and no ink blotting. Nice for plain writing or note-taking as well. Do they come in different colours?  I think they do … Must get some other colours then …

Looks like a bun, or a pastry to me.  hmmm … must have been hungry when I was doodling this.

I’m going to stop here, because too much of fiddling will only make it look like a mess.   

Now that I’m staring at this, I have another idea ….

What do you think about this?

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