Restless Doodles 

And I’m back again ….

These past few months have been hectic and busy. Between work and driving teenagers around to school and sports activities, the days and nights have been rolling into one another. My blogs have been a little neglected – even though I had plenty of possible posts! LoL  

I linked an FB page to this, thinking that would make it easier for me to make quick posts, without writing too much. It kind of worked … Until I feel that I should write more … 

One night though, I was feeling restless. I was tired and my mind was racing with checklists and schedule reminders, and it was getting late. But I didn’t want to lie down and go to sleep either. So I picked up the pad and pen, even if just to scribble around, to calm down my mind and slow down the racing … 
Well, of course my OCD brain said you just can’t scribble around, there has to be some order ….


And yes, I ended up staying up too late that night because the ideas were just flowing out and I couldn’t draw fast enough … But my mind slowed down and I slept well that night. I’d say the scribbles did their job … 


What do you think about this?

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