Flowers in the Park

While waiting for my son to finish his soccer practice, I walked around and came upon a little garden.

These pink flowers immediately caught my eye …

Then I found out there’s a whole family of them!

There’s white ….

… and red …

… purple …

… and fucshia!

Don’t know what this is called.

And the purple and caramel iris. My favorite from this photo-shoot.

Now why can’t these grow in my garden?


  1. those are Dianthus. Over the weekend I bought a 6 pack of them. They are related to carnations and smell heavenly! Mine are white with red accents. LOVE your flower pictures. What a fabulous photographer!

    1. Oh thanks for the flower name. Yes, flowers are my best models – they stay in one place and don’t get tired or walk away! lol I’m still playing around with camera and photography, so hopefully will get better at it.

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