Almost Mirror Images 

I took a break from knitting and crocheting and had an inspiration to draw a mandala on this big, old newsprint pad I found in one of the conference rooms.  It had been sitting there in the corner for ages, it seems, and was faded, giving it a nice vintage look.  

The mandala I started drawing wasn’t coming out in a decent circle (I may still try to salvage it at another time), so I turned the sheet over to just draw lines. I forget what these are called, I’m sure there’s a name for this doodle. 

I had to fold the sheet, so that I would have a manageable size to work with, so unfortunately there are going to be creases.  I started to doodle, and just went from one panel to the next, wherever my pen took me. And when I finally opened out the sheet, this is what it looked like ….

Almost mirror images …  Unconsciously following the same twists and turns, even when working on just one panel at a time …. Amazing how the brain works, isn’t it? 

Now … How to fill in all that space …. 


What do you think about this?

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