Many Blooms

From lone bloom … to this.

The hydrangeas finally came out.   So now, one corner of my front yard has some color in it.

Soon another corner in the front yard will have some color.  I see some green buds coming out.

At least the blooms are coordinating their timing so there’s some color in the yard at all times.


4 thoughts on “Many Blooms

  1. What lovely blooms you have! And your photos are lovely! So bright and cheerful! But are you certain that those are hydrangea? I can’t be sure, but they look a lot like rhododendron (which I didn’t know the name of until I moved to the Pacific Northwest). Not that it really matters, they’re absolutely gorgeous. Lovely post!

    1. Thank you! When I asked around, they told me it was hydrangeas. And yes, it did look similar to some other flowers that I saw recently, but nobody could say for sure. Thanks much again.

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